About CML-Registry

The Austrian CML-registry was developed to support the clinical management of chronic myeoloid leukemia and dokumentates the quality of different medical treatments.


There are three main components with unique features:



Structured data


The CML-Registry provides detailed user interfaces to gain all the necessary data - based on the workflow in CML-centers. For example all the hematologic, cytogenetic or molecular repsonses can be mapped inside. Further it provides mondatory timelines for response-analyses, based on the international CML guidelines.

Patient groups


The webbased system allows you to group patients by many different options like the age, the state of CML and other parameters. This options can also be combined. So you can easily filter patients into groups for special studies or other research work.

Analysis graphs


Finally the CML-Registry gives you the opportunity to create graphical analyses out efhot  collected data. You can compare up to 4 (previously defined) patient groups of many different patients. This groups you can compare by the survival (Kaplan-Meyer), the progression, the different (hematologic,...) responses and by serious adverse events.
The result is shown as graph which you can export and use for research documents.


If you are interested in a patient registry please get in contact with:



DI Martin Aichinger-Verdino (Mail)

Tel: +43 1 533 36 53


If you are interested in participating in the Austrian CML-Registry as medical, click here: